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Case 50: A Small Trash Can


Make a small trash can with Nezha-A Inventor's Kit.

Quick to Start

Materials Rrquired

Nezha-A Inventor's Kit


Components List

Build as the steps suggest:

Connection Diagram

Connect the Motor to M1 on Nezha-A Master Box.

MakeCode Programming

Step 1

Click in the "Advanced" in the MakeCode drawer to see more choices.

For programming, we need to add a package: click “Extensions” at the bottom of the MakeCode drawer, and search for “Nezha” in the dialog to download.

Note: If you encounter a prompt that some codebases will be removed due to incompatibility, you can follow the prompt to continue or create a new project in the menu.

Step 2

Program as the picture indicates


You may download it directly below:


Press button A to open the lid of the trash can; press button B to close it.