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micro:bit XGO Robot Kit V2

XGO Robot Kit V2 Introduction

XGO Robot Kit V2 is a 15-degree-of-freedom desktop-level Al quadruped robot dog. The XGO Robot Kit V2 is equipped with a robotic arm and end jaws for flexible gripping and carrying of objects. XGO Robot Kit V2 adopts 2.3KG.CM bus serial servo as the joint, which can realize omnidirectional movement, six-dimensional posture control, posture stabilization, multiple motion gait and clamping tasks, and is equipped with IMU, joint position sensor and The internal IMU, joint position sensor and current sensor feedback its own attitude and joint angle and torque for internal algorithm and secondary development.

The XGO Robot Kit V2 supports both graphical programming and Python code programming. This makes it the ideal machine for learning, teaching and research.

Function Description

Flexible and stable desktop-grade AI quadruped robot dog

XGO Robot Kit V2 has a built-in 6-axis IMU, joint position sensor, and current sensor to feedback on its own posture and joint angle and torque, which can realize omnidirectional movement, six-dimensional posture control, multiple motion gait and motion superposition, built-in gyroscope to maintain body self-balance, and internal algorithm and secondary development.

With the Powerful XGO Adapter Expansion Board

The XGO Adapter expansion board is powerful and compatible with a wide range of motherboards, including micro:bit v2 and more. It extends the commonly used GPIO interface and IIC interface to work with Planet Series sensors and Octopus Series sensors, such as AI lens, voice recognition sensors, rainbow light rings, etc. Moreover, the XGO-lite V2 body has block positioning holes to work with building blocks to explore more smart and interesting application cases.

Variety of programming methods

XGO Robot Kit V2 can be controlled through the XGO APP, which is easy to use and perfect for beginners who are experiencing its powerful functions for the first time. It also supports MakeCode graphical programming, which allows students with zero programming knowledge to quickly get started and learn about programming while playing with the XGO Robot Kit V2. For more advanced creators, XGO Robot Kit V2 also supports Python code programming to understand the underlying principles of each instruction and secondary development.

Product Features

All metal housing

The XGO Robot Kit V2 body and thighs are made of aluminum alloy shell, covered with anodized coating to maintain a solid texture while also having a delicate touch, and the lower legs are made of environmentally friendly and high strength, tough ABS material, which is highly impact resistant, friction resistant, and also moisture resistant and corrosion resistant.

Servo servo with joint angle readback

All servos of the body use 2.3KG.CM bus serial servos as joints, with joint angle readback function, which can be used for teaching programming.

IMU posture self-stabilization

The attitude data obtained through the IMU is controlled by a closed-loop, and the robot dog remains stable no matter how the plane shakes.

Six degrees of freedom control of the whole machine

The motion control of six degrees of freedom of the body is achieved without moving the toes.

Exercise Gait Planning

The robot dog has three poses matching three speeds in low, medium and high, with different gait strategies and planning algorithms.

User communication and secondary programming interface

Open underlying serial protocol for secondary development and verification.

Omni-directional motion control

With 15 active joints, the robot dog achieves omnidirectional motion by kinematic decoupling for forward translation and rotation and supports superposition of motion in multiple directions.