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XGO Robot Kit V2 Introduction

XGO Robot Kit V2 is a desktop Al quadruped robot dog with fifteen degrees of freedom. Combining bionics and artificial intelligence, it has powerful functions while maintaining a small body. The XGO Robot Kit V2 is equipped with a robotic arm and end grippers on the back, which can flexibly pick up and carry objects. At the same time, it is equipped with XGO Adapter expansion board with GPIO interface and IIC interface to meet your more innovative applications. XGO Robot Kit V2 uses 2.3KG.CM bus serial port steering gear as the joint, which can realize omnidirectional movement, six-dimensional attitude control, attitude stability, various motion gaits and clamping tasks, and is equipped with IMU, joint position sensor and current sensor inside Feedback its own posture, joint rotation angle and torque for internal algorithm and secondary development.

XGO Robot Kit V2 supports graphical programming and Python code programming. This makes it an ideal robot dog for learning, teaching and research.