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Introduction to the course content

XGO-lite V2 is an interesting robot dog, whose design is inspired by the limbs and gait of a dog. It can perform functions such as autonomous walking, running and dynamic balance, and can be programmed to better help you and the bionic Makers interested in robotics learn about programming and robotics.

This tutorial outline contains a total of 11 topics, each topic involves different knowledge points and skills, so as to help you understand and master the basic operating principles and programming methods of the bionic quadruped robot dog.


📄️ XGO-lite V2:A New Boost to Maker Education and Teaching

With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence, robotics and other fields continue to make breakthroughs. In this context, the bionic four-legged robot dog, as an intelligent robot integrating technology and innovation, is gradually entering our lives. This article will explore the relationship between the bionic four-legged robot dog and maker education and teaching, and how to integrate it into maker education to inject new vitality into education and teaching.