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Products Introduction


AI Accessories Pack combines advanced AI technology with rich hardware modules to bring kids a new programming experience. It includes an intelligent AI Lens that is able to achieve the funstions for the recognition of face, ball, colour, card, it also supports the line-following and one-click learning function. The voice recognition sensor can recognise pre-programmed utterances or self-learning utterances to improve kids' interactive experience. It is also paired with a fan module and rainbow light ring for more fun projects. AI Accessories Pack inspires creativity, improves hands-on skills and logical thinking, and lets kids enjoy the fun of AI technology.


Packing dimension27.8cm×22cm×7.6cm

Packing List

AI Lens1
Voice Recognition Sensor1
Motor Fan1
Rainbow LED1
Red Ball1
Blue Ball1
Cards for AI Lens1
RJ11 to Dupont Cable1
8 Pin Headers1