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Animals World

Balancing Birds

A toy that uses the beak of the bird to stop on your finger. No matter where you put the bird (where you can place it or on your finger), it can balance and stabilize without falling. Like a real bird to fly. The reason why the bird canl balance is that the actual center of gravity of the whole bird is on the beak tip point. Although it looks like the bird's whole body is in the air and the bird's point of force is on its fingers, the actual weight of the bird's wings is heavier and the whole bird's center of gravity is directly below the tip of its beak.

Plants World

Fun Puzzles

Holiday Decorations

The Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is an evergreen tree decorated with lighted candles and decorations of firs or cedars. As one of the important components of Christmas, the modern Christmas tree originated in Germany and gradually became popular worldwide, becoming one of the most famous traditions in Christmas celebrations. It is said that the Christmas tree first appeared in ancient Rome in mid-December during the so-called Festival of the Gods of Agriculture. Nowadays it is common to get an evergreen plant such as a pine tree inside or outdoors around Christmas time and decorate it with Christmas lights and colorful decorations. An angel or star is placed at the top of the tree.

Dinosaurs Park

Halberd Dragon

The halberd dragon, also called spiny shield horned dinosaur, lived in the late Cretaceous period, is a kind of phytophagous horned dinosaur, the neck shield Halberd dragon's head is large, and the neck has a beautiful shield-shaped ring-shaped ornament. The shield ornaments around the long horn of six different sizes, constitute the Halberd dragon that big scary neck shield, this neck shield can not only scare the enemy. This neck shield generally grows spectacularly beautiful in strong and powerful males but is not developed in females, so experts speculate that its role is mainly for a display to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Because this neck shield looks very much like the ancient Chinese weapon in the halberd, it was figuratively named the halberd dragon. The strong limbs of the halberd dragon support the huge body. The horns of the halberd dragon and the bone spikes of the neck shield are like a sharp sword, which is a terrible weapon to turn defense into attack. The beak like a parrot's curved beak can cut to feed on the leaves of low plants. The halberd dragon's snout horn, about 60 cm long, is the main weapon when attacking.

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