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Wukong2040 Inventor's Kit


The Wukong2040 Inventor's Kit is a kit developed for inventors learning to program electronics. It includes a multifunctional expansion board-the Wukong2040, designed for the Raspberry Pi Pico, as well as 11 different types of sensors and actuators to create a wide range of interesting and practical projects.

The Wukong2040 Inventor's Kit supports MicroBlocks graphical programming, making it easy for beginners with no experience in electronics programming to get started and learn about programming as fast as possible. The Wukong2040 expansion board, developed by the team at ELECFREAKS, features a modular design with powerful on-board functionality for experienced creators to explore the CircuitPython code programming style in greater depth and create projects quickly.

What's more, the team at ELECFREAKS provides you with a wealth of learning examples that can help you quickly navigate the world of creators and apply them to real-life situations.