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Start up

Put the robot dog in a prone position to avoid joints from being stuck, then press the power switch on the back of the robot dog, the power ring light on the switch flashes quickly and then stays on, the robot dog stands slowly, and the mechanical arm retracts automatically after opening, indicating Boot up successfully. Note: Don’t hold it in your hand to turn it on. The shaking of the robot dog during the startup process will cause the robot dog to move abnormally.


Press the power switch on the back, the ring light flashes slowly, the robot dog slowly gets down, the mechanical arm retracts, and then the ring light goes out, indicating that the system is completely shut down.


When the power of the robot dog is too low, the ring light of the switch button of the robot dog will flash and lie down, which means that the robot dog needs to be charged. Insert the special lithium battery charger into the charging port on the robot dog's abdomen, and it can be fully charged in about 2 hours. The indicator light of the charger is red when charging, and turns green when fully charged.

Robot dog networking

Method 1 Set up the router or turn on a mobile phone hotspot, set the WIFI name to XGO2, and set the password to LuwuDynamics, so that the robot dog will automatically connect after it is turned on.

Be Careful:

  1. Pay attention to the case of the password

  2. The IP address will be displayed only after entering the R.C. mode about three seconds after the UI interface appears

  3. The WIFI frequency band is recommended to use 2.4G or mixed frequency

Method 2 Click to download XGOBOT APP Install on Android phone, click to enter the wifi setting page, enter the wifi ssid and password to generate a QR code, start the network program in the robot dog Demos, let the robot dog camera scan the QR code, and the robot dog The wifi ssid and password will be displayed on the screen, and then the robot dog can be restarted.