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Unboxing self-test

The purpose of the unboxing self-test is to make sure that the product you purchased is as expected and that it has not been damaged in any way. Please follow the steps below to perform the unpacking self-test:

1. Check the package

Check that the packaging is intact and that the label and description on the packaging match the product you purchased.

2. Confirm accessories

Verify that all accessories included with the product are complete and as described in the kit listing.

Packing list:

XGO-Lite V2 complete machine (with XGO Adapter installed)1
Source Adapter 8.4V/1A1
Quick Start Manual1
30mm EVA ball3
25mm side length wooden cubes3
3.0 Phillips screwdriver1
2.0 Phillips screwdriver1
M3 * 5 Phillips countersunk head screws2
Rudder screws6
Servo fixing screws4
Case fixing screwss2
Mechanical claw set screws2
Gear set screws2

3. Check the appearance

Check that the product is in good condition and that there are no obvious scuffs, scratches or dents.

4. Check function

Check that the product functions as expected.

Boot detection

Put the robot dog in a prone position to avoid joints from being stuck, then press the power switch on the back of the robot dog, the power ring light on the switch flashes quickly and then stays on, the robot dog stands slowly, and the mechanical arm retracts automatically after opening, indicating Boot up successfully. Note: Don’t hold it in your hand to turn it on. The shaking of the robot dog during the startup process will cause the robot dog to move abnormally.

Shutdown detection

Press the power switch on the back, the ring light flashes slowly, the robot dog slowly gets down, the mechanical arm retracts, and then the ring light goes out, indicating that the system is completely shut down.

Smartphone Remote Detection

If the operating system of your smartphone is Android, you can search for "XGO" through Gloogle Play and install it; after the installation is complete, open the XGO APP startup interface as shown in the figure:


  1. As of the completion date of this tutorial, the version number of the XGO APP used is: 2.4.0, please ensure that the downloaded XGO APP version is not lower than 2.4.0.
  2. After installing the XGO APP, please open the permissions of the XGO APP in the settings, including location information, and nearby devices, otherwise, XGO-lite V2 may not be searchable.

Turn on the Bluetooth function of the smartphone, turn on the XGO-lite V2, and open the XGO APP, there is an icon in the upper left corner of the home page click the Bluetooth icon, follow the prompts to connect the smartphone with XGO-lite V2.

Go back to the main page and enter the "Complete Machine Control" page, operate the button in the figure below to see if the XGO-lite V2 acts according to the operation. If the corresponding operation instructions are taken, it means that the XGO-lite V2 is intact.

micro:bit programming detection

(1) As shown in the figure below, connect XGO-lite V2 to the computer with a USB data cable, open the MakeCode platform, and click "New Project" to create a new project. document.

(2) Add the 'XGO' library file as shown below.

(3) Operate according to the programming case and download it to the micro:bit mainboard, and operate according to the program to see if XGO-lite V2 makes corresponding actions. If XGO-lite V2 makes a handshake action, it means that XGO-lite V2 is intact.

5. Check the manual

Check the instructions to make sure you understand all the operating steps and safety precautions.

6. Contact us

If any problems are found during the unpacking self-inspection, please do not deal with them by yourself, but contact the after-sales service center for help in time.

Please note that before using the product, you should read the product instruction manual carefully and follow all safety precautions and operating procedures. If you are not sure how to use the product, please consult us or professional advice.