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Nezha Inventor Kit V2


ELECFREAKS micro:bit Nezha Inventor's Kit V2 is a BBC micro:bit kit designed based on Planet X sensors, which contains several sensors and modules such as the LED lights, potentiometers, soil moisture sensors, ultrasonic sound sensors, crash sensors, line-following sensors, and etc. It comes with more than 400 blocks that are suitable for building various cases and it can improve children's hands-on skills and logical thinking. It has 32 thematic cases and more extensions designed to nurture and stimulate children's creativity and imagination. It is a programming education kit for all ages, so that every child can experience the fun of invention.


Package Size27.8cm 22cm 7.6cm
Charging voltage5V
Charging time120min
Maximum working voltage4.2V
Rated working voltage3.7V
Minimum working voltage3.2V
TT motor interface output voltage\current5.6V\2.8A
Servo interface output voltage\current5.6V\3.0A
Fischertechnik motor interface output voltage \ current5.6V\2.8A
RJ11 sensor interface output voltage\current3.4V\1.6A
Duration of operation2 hours (due to the test environment, different load states and other factors, the actual use of time may vary)
Servo interface4
TT motor Interface4
Fischertechnik Motor interface4
Sensor Interface7


micro:bit Multifunctional Expansion Box (Nezha) (Self-developed) 1 PLANETX_Soil_Moisture 1 PLANETX_Ultrasonic 1 PLANETX_Crash 1 PLANETX_RED_LED 1 PLANETX_GREEN_LED 1 PLANETX_YELLOW_LED 1 PLANETX_Trimpot 1 PLANETX_Tracking 1 Nezha Building Blocks Package V2 1 Double Eagle Pin Puller (Blue) 1 USB MIRCO cable 1m 1A white 1 Geekservo Grey 360 Degree Servo 1 Geekservo Red Fast Motor 2 RJ11 terminal cable 200mm 3 RJ11 terminal cable 400mm 3 Rubber band bag 1 TPBot Line Following Map V1.3 1