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Notes on Use

Laser engraving machines use a high-density laser beam to irradiate materials when engraving or cutting them, creating high temperatures on the surface of the material with the goal of vaporizing the material without burning it. However, most materials are flammable by nature and may ignite and create an open flame which may burn the machine and its surroundings. Please follow the following operating principles.

  1. Do not place this product near flammable or explosive materials, volatile solvents, or high heat sources. Keep the product in a ventilated, cool, and dustless environment.

  2. Please do not use other products' power cords instead of the power cord during installation.

  3. Periodically clean the body and laser module with a dry cloth in case of power failure.

  4. The laser working environment temperature is 0°C-35°C, it is strictly forbidden to operate at sub-zero temperatures, avoid using this product in a humid environment, and do not use this product in thunderstorm weather.

  5. If the product is not used for a long time, please turn off the product and disconnect the power cord.

  6. When the product is connected to the power supply, please do not touch the electronic-related area with your hand or other tools.

  7. All the rows of wires must be plugged and unplugged only when the machine is powered off.

  8. When the product is running, please do not touch the moving mechanical mechanism and laser module.

  9. Carving before the work plane placed on the plane of the laser can not penetrate objects such as aluminum or stainless steel plate, and then placed on the processing material.

  10. During the laser engraving process, please make sure to wear goggles to avoid visual damage caused by looking directly at the laser light spot.

  11. The laser engraving process may produce a little smoke or smell, it is recommended to operate in a well-ventilated environment.

  12. For Children under 10 years old, please do not use this product without adult supervision to avoid personal injury.