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TOOCA L1 Laser Engraver Firmware Update Method

Firmware update method

  1. Prepare a TF card with a capacity larger than the firmware size, e.g. 8G TF card.
  2. Put the firmware (CV-30_V3.0.20_20220427.bin) that needs to be updated into the TF card.
  3. Insert the TF card into the card slot.
  4. Reboot the device.
  5. After waiting for 3-5 seconds, the device will beep, indicating that the update is in progress, and the beep will end when the update is complete. Note:
  • The firmware update time is about 3-30 seconds, depending on the firmware size and TF card quality.
  • Do not operate the device during the firmware update process and do not turn off the power to the device, otherwise, it will cause serious consequences of product damage.

Link: TOOCA_Laser_1_20220802_Release