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Hello, now it's time for us to do the assembly. We're going to assemble the Ring:bit smart car step by step in this wiki. Let's get started with your nimple hands!

Ring:bit Car V2 Components List

First of all, these two pictures below are the parts diagram of Ring:bit smart car, you can first familiarize yourself with the parts style and name, and then check if your kit has all the parts inside.

Assembly Step


Fisrt, use the tapping screw to fix the servo to the side board.(as below pictures)

Then, use the screw to fix the wheel to the servo.(as below pictures)


Use the rivet to install the castor wheel on the chassis.


Assemble the front board, the back board and the base board to the side board as below picture.


Use the binding post to fix all installed components.


Use the screw to fix the Ring:bit to the micro:bit board.


Connecting wire as below pictures, you can connect the pins as you wish but make sure the programming be consistent with the connectons.

Note: No matter which connection you use, make sure the yellow line connects with the number pins(0/1/2).


Fix the assembled Ring:bit to the front board.

Congratulations, with your great assembly skills and continued hard work, you have finally assembled the Ring:bit car. In the next lesson, let's experience a new journey together by writing code to drive the Ring:bit smart car.