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CircuitPython Regular Libraries

This file collects regular CircuitPython libraries. Clicking these Names goes to the code libraries and clicking these Links downloads the latest version.

circuitpython_picoedThe Pico:ed build-in modules for CircuitPython.Click to download
circuitpython_ef_musicThis is the Music class that you can use to play melodies through a buzzer in CircuitPython. The library was inspired by the micro:bit music module.Click to download
circuitpython_cutebotThe Pico:ed CuteBot library for CircuitPython.Click to download
circuitpython_ringbitThe Pico:ed ring:bit library for CircuitPython.Click to download
CircuitPython_IRRemoteCircuitPython drivers for IR remote send and receiveClick to download
CircuitPython_IS31FL3731CircuitPython driver for the IS31FL3731 charlieplex ICClick to download
CircuitPython_MotorHelpers for controlling PWM based motors and servosClick to download
CircuitPython_NeoPixelCircuitPython drivers for neopixels.Click to download