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Wear:bit button panel Pro is a mini extension board in small size.

It can give power to the micro:bit and is loaded with buzzer which can be used with our watch strap and the micro:bit. The breakthroughs are:

Simplify the installation without using the acrylic back shroud.

Maintain a simple style with 3-pin ports canceled.

Upgrade the function by adding a switch for the buzzer.


Powered by two 3V CR2025 lithium batteries. Loaded with a buzzer that is controlled through P0 port. Loaded with a buzzer switch. It can be used with the watch strap and the micro:bit.

ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Coding Watch Kit

Outlook and Dimension


Name: Wear:bit Version: V1.0 Working Voltage: 2.7~3.3V Buzzer: Support Size: 49.1x51.6mm Net Weight:12.7g

Introduction to Main Modules

Power Switch

"I" to switch on, "O" to switch off.

Two CR2025 Battery Holders

It is powered by 2025 button cells(3V Li-Mn button cells) with a simple installation method.

Buzzer and Switch

The buzzer is controlled through P0 port that can play music. The switch powers the buzzer on or off.

Quick to Start

Hardware Connection

Install two 3V 2025 button cells to the battery holder of the Wear:bit extension board.

Fix the micro:bit to the button cell extension board Pro with screws.

When switching on, the cells give power to the micro:bit and the Wear:bit, or the cells do not give power.

If slide the buzzer switch to the left side, the buzzer begins working; while to the right side, the buzzer stops working.

Software Programming

Open Makecode, programme to make micro:bit show heart in a flash way.


You can also download it below:


A flash heart pattern is showing on the micro:bit.