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Case 10: Finger-guessing game


Use the Smart Coding Kit to create a finger-guessing game

1 x ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Coding Watch Kit




Step 1

Set both the variables "i" and "k" as 0 and show the on start icon

Set the wireless group

While pressing button A or/and B, set the variable "k" as the equivalent number and send it to show the icon accordingly

After receiving the data, save the data as variable "i"

Step 2

In the Forever block, judge the value of "i" and "k", if they are not 0, it means both the players give a “fist" The winner will be judged by the comparasion of "i" and "k" Set both the varibles "i" and "k" as 0 and be prepared for the next round


You can also download it direcly below:


Choose to give a "fist" through button A or/and B, the results will be given accordingly, the winner has a smile face and the loser has a cry face on the micro:bit.



Relevant File