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Introduction to Smart Coding Kit


Elecfreaks Smart Coding Kit is a wearable device based on micro:bit button cell extension baord Pro, a DIY micro:bit watch can be easily made with a simple installing method.

Smart Coding Kit is the updated version for the first generation Power Bit Watch Kit, the breakthroughs are:

Simplify the installation without using the acrylic back shroud.

Maintain a simple style with 3-pin ports canceled.

Upgrade the function by adding a switch for the buzzer.

ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Coding Watch Kit

Assembling Diagram

Note: CR2025 type battery must be used for power supply. If the battery type is inconsistent, it will cause the battery holder to be crushed and the pads to fall off.

Install two 3V 2025 cells to the battery holder.

Fix the micro:bit to the button cell extension board Pro with screws.

Pass the longer watch strap through the hole in the button panel Pro to install the watch strap.


1 x micro:bit 1 xPower:bit 1 x Nylon watch strap 1 x micro USB wire 5 x M3x5 Inner cross screws 1 x MINI Screwdriver 1 x micro:bit guidebook