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case 06 NTC


The temperature sensor is a sensor that can sense the temperature and convert the temperature to output signal. The temperature sensor is core of temperature measurement instrument.

ELECFREAKS Experiment Box Kit

Hardware Connect

Connect circuit as above picture and put 2 AAA batteries into batteries pack.

Principles of Circuits

The GND of slot on micro:bit is into innards of batteries' GND to generate current loop.

Introduction of Components


The NTC is an analog temperature sensor where the output voltage and temperature form a liner relationship. The higher the temperature, the larger the output voltage. The experiment box included a NTC.

Note: Please note the positive and the negative when you are connecting.


Step 1

Click makecode

Click on "New Project" and set a new Project.

Step 2

Reduction Formula:

The reading is an analog value of the IO port, we need a formula as above to convert the values into Celsius.

Step 3

Set "Temperature" as a variable to store the Celsius. As above formula, convert the values of P0 into Celsius.

Show the temperature value and pauce a second.


Program link:

You also could directly download program by visiting website as below:


Show the current temperature on the micro:bit allay.



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