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Octopus Touch PAD Sensor(EF04011)


Touch PAD Brick is a sensor module mainly through the capacitive touch TTP223-BA6 charge IC and the body of pressure, ceramics, glass and other dielectric materials, and the charge level is used to detect small changes in a touch switch of a sensor module.

ELECFREAKS Octopus Touch PAD Sensor


The 3-pins ports is easy to plug and play.


Working Voltage2.0V~5.5V
Anti-interferenceStable operation is ensured under strong external disturbances
SensibilitySensitivity can be externally adjusted through 0~50pF CS capacitor
Choice ModelTwo choices
Output ModeTwo Choices
High and low output modeCan be selected(AHLB pins)
Insulation characteristicsInsulating medium between 0MM~10MM

Outlook and Dimensions

Quick to Start

Materials used and connection diagram

1 x micro:bit

1 x sensor:bit

1 x Touch PAD Brick

Connect to the P1 port.

Add Package

Click "Advanced"in the choice of the MakeCode to find more choices.

Click "Extensions", search "iot"in the dialog box and then download it.

Program as the picture shows


links: You can also download the links below:


The relevant information is shown on the micro:bit.

Relevant cases

Technique Files