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NameSmart Cutebot Pro
Power supply18650 lithium battery
Charging current1000mA
Charging timeAbout 120min
Max. working voltage4.2V
Rated working voltage3.7V
Min. working voltage3.3V
Output voltage from motor connections3.3V
Max. output current from motor connections0.2A
Output voltage from servo connectionsThe current battery voltage
Max. output current from servo connections3A
Output voltage from the IO ports3.3V
Max. output current from IO ports3A
Onboard devices2 Rainbow lights; 2 Headlights; 1 Buzzer; 1 Infrared receiving module' 4* Infrared line following sensors
Servo connections4 pcs
Motor connections1 pc
GPIO connections4 pcs
IIC Ports2 pcs