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Safety Instructions

Please read the instructions carefully before using the Cutebot Pro. Make sure you have read and understood the product's operating instructions in detail before using it. Follow the instructions in the manual to ensure safe and correct operation.

Age appropriateness: Cutebot Pro is suitable for students in grades 3 to 6. Please ensure that the age of the user is appropriate for operation and that the operation is carried out under age appropriate supervision. For younger children, an adult will be requested to accompany.

Be careful with the power supply: when using the Cutebot Pro, ensure that the correct power adapter or batteries are used and that the power supply is properly connected. Avoid using an unsuitable power supply or mixing different types of batteries. Also, do not expose the power connector to wet or dusty environments to prevent electric shock or damage to the device.

Safe operation: follow the safety guidelines when operating the Cutebot Pro. Ensure that the cart is placed on a smooth surface and avoid placing fingers or other objects near the moving parts to prevent pinching. Do not place the Cutebot Pro on fragile objects or in high places to avoid accidental damage or dropping.

Do not disassemble or repair: do not disassemble, repair or modify the Cutebot Pro by yourself. if you find any problems, please contact the manufacturer or a professional for repair and maintenance.

Indoor operation: the Cutebot Pro is suitable for operation in an indoor environment. Make sure your hands are dry before touching the electronic components and circuit board. Avoid using it in wet, dusty or watery areas to keep the device intact and safe.

Safety in the learning environment: when using the Cutebot Pro for learning and experimentation, ensure that the learning environment is safe. Avoid placing flammable objects or hazardous substances near it and maintain a tidy and organised learning area.

Disconnect the power when not in use for long time: when not using the Cutebot Pro for long time, disconnect it from the power supply and store it properly. If the batteries are not in service, remove them to prevent them from leaking.

Following the above safety instructions will ensure your safety and a smooth learning experience when using the Cutebot Pro. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant manufacturer or professional for assistance.


If you experience problems during operation, try the following methods of troubleshooting:

Check that all connections are secure and make sure that the wires are not loose or damaged.

Check that the battery has sufficient charge and recharge it if necessary.

Restart Cutebot Pro and re-download the program software to ensure it is working correctly.

Check the documentation and tutorials to make sure you are operating and writing the code correctly.

If the problem persists, please contact the ELECFREAKS team for technical support.