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Hardware Introduction

Wukong Expansion Board Adapter

A highly integrated multi-functional expansion board based on micro:bit, it is similar in size to micro:bit and is very rich in functionality, integrating buzzer, servo driver, motor driver and so on. It comes with a 400mAh Li-Ion battery pack and an on-board power management system that supports fast charging, takes only 20 minutes to fill up, and can run for more than 40 minutes at full load. Expansion board base for LEGO standard 7 X 5 square blocks, perfect access to LEGO blocks.


The 0.96-inch OLED display module uses an SSD1306 driver chip and has 128x64 self-illuminating white pixels. It has the advantages of low power consumption and high contrast and can be used in many display applications, such as numerical display of various sensors; mini game consoles; smart wearable devices, etc.

For more information about collision sensors, please visit: OLED Module

DHT11 Temperature And Humidity Sensor

A temperature and humidity sensor is a device used to measure and monitor temperature and humidity in the environment. It provides accurate temperature and humidity data to help people understand and control environmental conditions. Such sensors have a wide range of applications in many fields, including meteorological observations, indoor environmental monitoring, agriculture, warehouse management, and automated control systems.

Temperature and humidity sensors provide real-time temperature and humidity information to help users monitor and regulate environmental conditions to improve comfort, increase productivity, and protect the quality of items. The wide range of applications for temperature and humidity sensors has made them an indispensable and important part of modern life.

For more information about temperature and humidity sensors, please visit: Octopus Series Temperature and Humidity Sensors Introduction Wiki link.

Soil Moisture Sensor

The soil moisture sensor is a device used to measure soil moisture. It usually consists of a sensor probe and a data collector. Soil moisture sensors work by measuring the moisture content in the soil to infer the moisture content of the soil. The sensor probe of the Octopus series of soil moisture sensors consists of an electrically conductive metal sheet whose resistance changes when the moisture content in the soil changes. The data collector reads the resistance value of the conductive metal sheet and converts it to a soil moisture value. Soil moisture sensors are a very useful tool to help us better understand the moisture condition of the soil to guide applications such as agricultural production and plant growth.

1 Channel Relay 3V

A 3V relay is an electrical switch that opens or closes a circuit by controlling the current. It consists of an electromagnetic coil and a set of switch contacts. When current passes through the solenoid coil, it generates a magnetic field that attracts or pushes the contacts apart, thus opening or closing the circuit.

1 Channel Relay 3V Relay Module is our OCTOPUS series one-way relay electronic block, its basic design is set according to the OCTOPUS electronic block series, its shape, PCB fixing holes, and the interface of the electronic block are set in the same way. 1 Channel Relay is made of ultra-small, high-quality OCTOPUS 1 Channel Relay adopts ultra-small and high-quality HUIKE relay, which can control various household appliances and high current loads. OCTOPUS 1 Channel Relay is a popular DIY accessory module for electronics enthusiasts.

3V Vertical Water Pump

The 3V water pump is a small and compact water pump that is commonly used in water treatment systems in households, industry, and agriculture.

In a 3V water pump, there are two main parts: the impeller and the pump casing. The impeller is a rotating component that generates centrifugal force through rotation, sucking water from the inlet of the pump casing and pushing the water out along the outlet of the pump casing.

As the impeller rotates, water is drawn into the center of the impeller and then thrown toward the edges of the impeller. During this process, the pressure and velocity of the water increase. As the water leaves the edge of the impeller, it is directed by the pump casing to an outlet, from where it flows out of the pump body.

In the pump casing, there are one or more channels connecting the outlet and inlet of the impeller. These channels are often called deflectors or guide vanes. The function of the deflector is to guide the direction of the water flow and reduce the rotation and turbulence of the water flow.

In addition to the impeller and pump casing, the 3V water pump also includes a motor part. The motor drives the impeller to rotate, thereby driving the flow of water. The type of motor can be AC motor, DC motor or stepper motor etc.

The 3V vertical water pump is a DC micro submersible pump with male and female DuPont wire interfaces. The wiring is very convenient and can be used in a variety of craft fountains.

180 Degrees Digital Servo

The steering gear is a position (angle) servo driver, suitable for control systems that require the angle to continuously change and be maintained.