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Pico:ed V2


Pico:ed V2 is an educational development board developed by ELECFREAKS based on Raspberry Pi Pico. Pico:ed V2 is based on the acclaimed RP2040 microcontroller which is the most popular microcontroller in the world, and we have added the resets button to make it easier for users to operate. Pico:ed V2 adopts a more rounded shape design: the head is changed to an arc, and the pin edge adopts a wavy beautiful design so that users are less likely to hurt their hands when using it. It is also good to see that there are more choices to the colors of the LED screen which are able to meet the demands for personalization on Pico:ed V2 . Pico:ed V2 retains two programmable buttons and a firmware burn-in button, a separate power supply, USB connection ports, and an onboard 7 x 17 LED dot matrix screen for additional graphics and text display. Pico:ed V2 uses CircuitPython or C++ programming method, you can learn to program it alone or you can play it with other educational products from our company, such as Ring:bit Car V2, Cutebot Car V3, Starter Kit, and so on! Start your inventive and creative thinking while playing it!

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Random Access Memory264KB of SRAM
Flash Memory2MB Flash storage
Universal Input/Output19-pin Universal edge connector
4 × Analog inputs
3 × GPIO alligator clip connector
2 × IIC interfaces
2 × SPI interfaces
2 × UART interfaces
Programmable Buttons2 Units
LED Matrix7 × 17 LED matrix screen
Buzzer1 X Passive buzzer
Size52 × 42mm
Power SupplyUSB or 2* AAA batteries
Maximum input voltage at USB6.5V
Goldfinger maximum input voltage3.3V
Programming MethodsCircuitPython/C++

Function Introduction


Pins are used as a way to physically connect to externally connected components and can be combined with the corresponding expansion boards or crocodile clip cables introduced by ELECFREAKS to extend the usability of the Pico:ed V2 even more. For detailed tutorials, please see: Digitalio Module - Basic Digital Pin Support

Pin Diagram

HD version download link:Pico-ed-V2-Pin-Diagram.pdf

A/B Button

Pico:ed V2 has two programmable input buttons on the front. Each button can be programmed individually or used together. Generally used to trigger events. For detailed tutorials, please see: Buttons

Sign Indicator

Programmable LED indicators. For detailed tutorials, please see: Onboard LED

7×17 LED light matrix screen

Consisting of 7 x 17 LEDs, it can display rich patterns. For detailed tutorials, please see: LED dot-matrix screen


The buzzer is used in many devices as a common output device and can be programmed to control it to play different kinds of music. For detailed tutorials, please see: Music