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Safety Instructions

Before operating the Pico:ed Stater kit, please read and familiarize yourself with the following precautions for use. Users should strictly observe all precautions and ensure that the Pico:ed Stater kit is properly assembled and in proper working condition. Please follow the following operating principles:

  1. Pico:ed Stater kit is an electronic device, do not spill water or other liquids on the Pico:ed Stater kit.
  2. Do not damage in any way the structure of the breadboard or the structure of other electronic components.
  3. Please do not use jumper cables to prick or scratch the skin to avoid injury.
  4. Do not bend, touch, or press on the pin rows of the Pico:ed expansion board and the back pin tails. When mounting the expansion board on top of the breadboard, press on the middle of the two rows of pin rows of the expansion board.
  5. Do not place the Pico:ed Stater kit in a location where it can be easily dropped.
  6. After each operation of the Pico:ed Stater kit, please store the relevant electronic components in a dry, neatly packaged box.